Did you know that:

  • There are reportedly more than 16,000,000 (16 million) Credit Reports in Australia
  • As many as 5,000,000 (approx one in three of the 16 million) may have Bad Credit
  • Most people don’t know they have Bad Credit until its too late (that could be one in three of your friends)
  • Most people aren’t aware that Bad Credit can be completely deleted (up to 9 out of 10 bad credit ratings can be cleared up)
  • Many people can get the Credit Rating Repair process started from just $149*
  • Some credit ratings have been completely repaired in as little as 12 hours and 23 minutes*

Fill in your details and then the mobile number of your friend that invited you into this competition.  (your friend has to be registered already)

Just by registering, you’ll get one entry to win the Brand New iPad3, and your friend will get three entries… (You can send invites to your friends on the next page after you ‘ve registered)


Competition runs from [date] to [date] inclusive.


The prize offered for this competition is

  • one current version iPad (generally referred to as the iPad 3 but officially known as) “the New iPad”
    • Version:
      • 16Gb
      • Black
      • Wi-Fi + Cellular
      • Valued at AU$679.00











*$149 refers to the initial payment in an interest free payment plan option based on the

payment plan options available at www.myCRA.com.au/costs

*12 hours and 23 minutes refers to business hours based on an 8 hour business day


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