Double Referral Fees Until FBAA Conf (13-06-12) $220 for 10 minutes work – plus you get to settle the mortgage and get your comms…

Go to the MyCRA Home Page

How to claim your Double Referral Fees…

  1. Complete the One Page 90 Second eXpress Client Assessment Form  [membership_download_item_pdf link=”” + target=”_BLANK”]Available Here…[/membership_download_item_pdf]
  2. Attach at minimum 1 x Veda Advantage Credit File (not more than 1 month old)
    1. Preferrably attach the Dun & Bradstreet Credit File As Well
  3. Attach Your Invoice for $220 INC GST (or go straight to our online Broker Invoicing Portal, it emails you and us a copy automatically)

email to [text_bar_1_left background=”#444444″ + width=”100%”][/text_bar_1_left]

It’s that easy, as soon as we debit your clients credit card, (or attach a receipt if they’ve transferred the money to our CBA account) More How To Pay Options HERE…

(if we have your invoice) it is scheduled for payment, normally within a couple of days..

And NO CLAWBACKS, even if we can’t proceed and need to refund your clients application fee.

You and your client are protected !!




Only the one page 90 second eXpress short form application is subject to the Double referral Fees Promotion.

You must claim your DOUBLE referral fees by issuing an invoice to MyCRA within 7 days of referring your client otherwise the normal referral fees apply.


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