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Want a FREE iPad 3 ?


We’re about to launch a national marketing campaign that will see anyone just like you, be able to get multiple entries into the FREE  iPad 3 Giveaway.


Help a friend with a bad credit issue and you might win a brand new iPad 3

What will you have to do?

Simple, for every friend that you tell us about that’s had a bad credit issue within the last three years, you’ll get an entry in the draw.  For every ten people you tell us about, you’ll get an extra ten entries.. Then if we are able to help your friend with their bad credit problems, you’ll also get a $50 CASH thank you..

If you’re interested and think you might have friends that could use a hand, make a comment below or just keep an eye out as it is coming REAL SOON (and will be released first  on Facebook)

Go to the MyCRA Home Page

More Info Coming…


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