How Does It Work?

  1. Download Your Referrer Rewards Kit (Download It NOW – Even If You Don’t Have A Client In Mind Yet…)
  2. Help Your Friend or Client Complete Their Section (There’s not very much to do… see the video’s & Instructions here…)
  3. You Complete Your Section So You Get Paid
  4. Return The Fully Completed Kit (Details of where to send the completed kit are in the checklist on the front of the kit)
  5. You Spend Your Referral Fee – SIMPLE

For More Information, Please Call (No Obligation) 1300 667 218 or Direct on 07 3124 7133

Your Referral Rewards Options

  • $550 If your friend/client proceeds with a fully paid Referral Rewards removal application for 2+ defaults before COB 28/06/13; or
  • $300 If your  friend/client proceeds with a fully paid Referral Rewards removal application for 1 default before COB 28/06/13; or
  • $150 If you simply give us a Name and Number and we do all the work and your client proceeds with a fully paid removal application before COB 28/06/13; or
  • $100 If your client proceeds with any payment plan removal application before COB 28/06/13


email to [text_bar_1_left background=”#444444″ + width=”100%”][/text_bar_1_left]

It’s that easy, as soon as we confirm your friend/clients payment has hit our bank account, (please attach the payment receipt if they’ve transferred the money to our CBA account – More How To Pay Options HERE… )  You’ll Get Paid For The Referral

You’ll Get Paid The Same Day We Confirm The Cleared Funds


*’The Not so’ Fine Print…

  1. All fees and prices quoted Include GST
  2. $550 Referral Fee includes GST  and is paid for any fully completed Referral Rewards Kit for a Client that is proceeding with Credit Repair on 2 or more defaults at a premium level or above
  3. Referral fees will be paid by EFT the same day we confirm cleared funds in the appropriate MyCRA Pty Ltd Bank Account
  4. This promotion can not be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion
  5. This offer can be removed or cancelled at any time at the sole discretion of MyCRA
  6. The referral rewards payments will be paid on all cleared funds prior to the expiration date or other end date of this promotion thah have been submitted between the start date of the 6th June 2013 and the end date
  7. We retain the right to refuse any application for any reason without explanation
  8. We retain the right to reclaim any monies or referral fees paid to you in the event of a friend/client seeking a refund of any kind
  9. You also agree that by using any MyCRA service that you have read, understood and agree with the full terms and conditions


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