Obviously you’re happy that your friend suggested you enter this competition, or you wouldn’t be on this page…  And your friend picked up and extra three entries in the draw too…  Just because you’ve entered as one of their friends and used their mobile number in the registration form. (the form back on the previous page). 

You see, now that you’re in the draw too, anyone entering the competition that uses YOUR mobile number as the friend’s number in the registration form, will give you an extra 3 entries in the draw too. (that’s an extra 3 chances to WIN an iPad3 for every one of your friends that enters the comp.)


Send your friends an invite by SMS…


 Why Are We Doing This?

Well for a few reasons really…

  • But the main reason is that I want to spread the word to as many people as I can that Bad Credit can be fixed..
  • We are also donating a portion of all money raised out of these promotions to The Now Foundation, a Charity I set up a few years ago saving blokes from Cancer
    • I was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 and found there was ‘bugger all’ info around for mens cancers
    • We’re helping out a young lady right now that beat Breast cancer, only to get the terrible news of another tumor…
  • Also, I looked at paid markering strategies to get the word out, and they’re all so B!@@&y expensive…
  • So, if I’m going to spend money, I’d much rather give away a few iPads than give it to some marketing mob..
  • Each iPad (and other cool things to come later) promotion like this one will be very quick, only a few days in total…
    • So it’s important to get as many invites out as you can as quickly as you can…
  • Also, I bought my wife an iPad3 and she loves it, so i know you will too… (I still have the iPad 2 and I love that)
  • And did I mention that this sort of promotion is just great fun!!

**Please remember though, I hate spam, you hate spam and your friends hate spam, so only send info about this competition to your mates. (And only those that you already share this sort of thing with)  Spamming will get you disqualified from the competition. (not to mention in trouble with the Authorities)



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